Student Life

Education. Community. Spirituality.

These are three crucially important parts of a student’s life. Shouldn’t your child experience them in an environment that integrates all three?

ICS students participate in a number of enriching activities that nurture their identities as learners, believers, and friends. Come see what ICS has to offer your child!

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Faith Formation

Including daily religious instruction and weekly mass.
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Experiential Learning

  • Instrumental music, grades 4-8
  • Student retreats
  • Traveling Classrooms (Washington, DC; Lyme Village; Camp Trip)
  • Outdoor education (Mohican School of the Outdoors, grades 5 & 6)
  • Gettysburg and DC (grades 7 & 8)

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Student Athletics

Middle school students at ICS have opportunities year-round to get involved in an athletic event.
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