Faith Formation

At the core of Catholic education is the responsibility to love and help our neighbors, who are created in the image and likeness of God. By serving others, students fulfill their potential of revealing the Glory of God.  

Spiritual Direction

The ICS Difference is defined by our attention to developing the intellect as well as character, strengthening moral virtue and encouraging each student to embrace and reflect the Gospel message and witness of Jesus Christ as servant-leader.

We care for one another. Family groups meet once a month and are made up of K-8 students. Family groups complete projects and interact with one another to celebrate our faith as a mixed grade level group.

We are kind to one another.

We Use Kind Words and Share Acts of Kindness throughout the Day

  • Helping with Homework or Work We Do Not Understand
  • Using Good Manners
  • Helping the Teachers with Classroom Tasks
  • Using a Smile to Make Someone's Day a Little Brighter





We share our faith in our actions and in our words that others might learn from us and see how our faith can make this world a better place, one action, one smile, one kind word at a time.

We share our faith with others.

  • Earth Day Community Clean-up
  • Community Prayer
  • Veteran Park Clean-up
  • Canned Food Drive
  • Hat and Mitten Tree
  • Nursing Home Visits (The Willows and Orchard Grove)
  • Letters and Cards to Veterans, Active Servicemen and First Responders

We share our faith with one another.

  • School Liturgy Every Friday
  • Burning of the Palms the Day before Ash Wednesday
  • School Liturgy on Holy Days
  • Understanding the Sacraments in Classroom Visits, Instruction, and Stories with Father Jonathan
  • Prayer to Begin Our Morning and End Our Day
  • May Crowning
  • Candlemas